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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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what police believe is the motivation behind that attack. also ahead an alarming new report about the dangers of marijuana. why aaa says growing use of the drug is putting you in danger on the roads. but first, chuck bell has your out-the-door forecast. >> good morning. tuesday off to a cloudy and wet start as our stretch of rainy weather continues around here. feeling more like march with temperatures in the 50s. it will be warmer as we get toward the end of the week. that could come with a thunderstorm chance on friday. for now though, just cloudy and wet outside. rain showers are heaviest to the south of city, but more light rain out here across parts of the shenandoah valley. so everyone should take their umbrella. rain chance today stands at 80% and the next 24 hours all filled with clouds. it won't rain hard all the time, but you should definitely have your umbrella ready to go. mid-50s this morning, mid-60s this evening and mid-50s with rain drops again on your wednesday morning. breaking news continue
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4 traffic. 270 southbound starting to get quite slow out of frederick because of the crash in the left lane there at 80. so a two mile backup right now. another problem we talked about just a couple minutes ago, choppercho chopper 4 over this situation, remember the move over law. give rescue crews time and space to respond there this morning. and so right now, we are seeing those backups here on 95 as well because of that crash. again, 95 south there at 32. northbound d.c. 295 before malcolm x, do have report of an accident there. 66 and 95 overall not bad, but remember again 95 north the ramp to the inner loop we have debris in the roadway. crews on the way trying to get that out of the way. more on that crash on 270 and travel times coming up. coming up on 6:02. today all of metro's managers will be held accountable for your safety. all are being brought together for a first of its kind
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carrollton metro station now with the shakeup take could be in the works at metro. >> reporter: yeah, i spoke to very well informed orange line pages here caught up in those day long delays on monday. they already know about the unprecedented meeting that will happy with all 650 net metro managers and they welcome a shakeup and a major fix that is in the works in 15 critical areas. >> i'm surprised they let it go this long. it will add time to the commute, but as long as they give us some heads up so we can plan, either do the bus, shuttling, that type of thing, i'd rather not have the train go off tracks or have the fire and smoke. >> reporter: you know, we've been hearing
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manager talk about and acknowledge that some people might end up losing their jobs in this shakeup plan that is in the works. and that is really a key point here as some of the people who ride metro on a daily basis say they are ready to fire metro, they are ready to start with some other -- start their day off commuting in some other way. using an alternative plan they tell me. that's the latest live here from new carrollton, molette green, news 4. this time tomorrow, another officer will be getting ready to face charges in the death of freddie gray. there will be hearings today to pinpoint what information and evidence can be presented in officer edward they're rnero's . he was one of the first to arrest gray last year. investigators think gray tied from injuries he sustained after officers put him in the back of a police van.tiedfrom injuries after officers put him in the back of a police van.
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another high stakes court case today this one surrounding a mayoral campaign for vincent gray. a judge could sentence vernon hawkins up to five years. hawkins admitted lying to fbi agents who were investigating an off the books shadow campaign that spent about $653,000 to help elect gray as mayor. gray was never charged, but he may have lost the primary to current mayor bowser. gray now running for the d.c. council. this morning the families of those killed in the maryland shopping center shootings are shashing memories of their loved ones. malcolm win tell oig died after trying to help a woman shot at the westfield montgomery mall in bethesda. his wife says she always knew her husband was a hero. >> he was the most selfless person you've ever melt. she was awesome in every way. he was
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>> co-workers of claudina molina described her as a woman from bolivia who achieved the american dream. she died in the parking lot of the giant grocery store in aspen hill. gladys tordil, estranged wife of the alleged shooter, was shot outside high point high school in prince george's county. her co-workers called her a happy chemistry teacher. succespected gunman eulalio tor may have stopped the crime spree because he lost his glasses. prosecutors said he lost them in a violent struggle with claudina molina the woman who was killed in the parking lot outside the giant. he's now charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two of them in montgomery county. he was ordered held without bond. i'm angie goff at the live desk. in a couple hours police will hold a news conference on that deadly knife attack at a train station in r
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trains are not moving. service has been disrupted. this as we learn more about the suspect and his possible motivation. police saying that a 27-year-old german national is the one who attacked four people at this station early this morning. we have learned that one of those people have died. the other three are being treated. and also police saying they're not saying many details about motivation, but saying that it could be politically motivated. the man is in custody right now. your time is 6:06. tens of thousands of evacuees now have something to look forward to, they ran from wildfires in canada. and now they have a time line for when they can go home. however it's not rear what those people will find when they get there weeks from now. you're looking right now at new video of one neighborhood that was completely destroyed. about 15% of ft. mcmurr
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leader in the area say fires are no longer threatening the city even though they are still burning and growing right now. if you see a lot of emergency activity near the chain bridge during your lunch hour, this is only a drill. this is video now from a river rescue in great falls. d.c. fire and park police will be practicing rescues in the potomac. the river has dangerous currents and there is no part that is safe to swim. for the first time this election cycle, there will be more democrats than republicans battling for votes today. west virginia is holding its proim area. there will also be a gop primary in nebraska. the latest polls favor bernie sanders in west virginia. his campaign claims sanders can win seven out of the next ten states primaries. maryland is about to have one of the most far reaching laws on birth control in the
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the contraceptive equality act forces insurance companies to offer over the counter birth control at no cost to consumers. it also forbids out of pocket costs for men who choose to have vasectomies. the law does not go into effect until january of 2018. chris van hollen is expected to talk about the changes today. the caps are back in action. it is win or go home. one loss to the team and it is eliminated from the playoffs. the big story tonight's game, two defense men are back, upon the here, bruce orpik was suspended for three games for this hard hit right there on olli maatta. that was in game two. and then maatta was out because he was hurt. orpik says he's ready. >> we play this kind of play, have fun with it, you get pretty nervous. >> orpik played for the penguins for 11 seasons. so a little revenge would be sweet here. and then if they win, they come wrak
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game thursday. please! >> getting enough sleep every night is one of the biggest challenges we face. but coming up, we'll show you good than bits that could help you wake up more rested. we sound like a broken record, but don't forget your umbrella. the impact the latest round of showers will have on your plans with your commuter forecast. and we're watching the situation across the plains as people there are surveying the damage after a number of
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good morning. i'm tom kierein here on the storm team 4 weather deck. got my umbrella ready. you can track the rain with the nbc washington app. here is a look at radar showing us mra
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bottom of your screen. across the northern neck into southern maryland into southern charles county and st. mary's. other lighter showers shenandoah valley, those will be tracking in to the metro area another compla couple hours or so. your ride to and from work will be in the 50s. you'll need a light jacket and umbrella ready as the rain does move on in. and then the afternoon a few showers around, we'll be in the mid-60s. let's check traffic now, melissa has breaking news. >> this new problem here actually chopper 4 over 29 south at peck road, you can see a crash and backups are building quite quickly. and 270 south before 80, a crash still hanging out in the left lane there in urbana causing about a two mile backup there. outer loop at colesville road is where we have another new crash here at the top of the beltway. this camera is at new hampshire avenue but showing you those delays here this morning. southbound
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270 top of the beltway, 66, 95 in virginia, everything there on time. gedly dangerous tornadoes causing major robs in oklahoma. take a look at this video. incredible picture of this tornado just twirling there. the weather channel's ron bloom is live to show us what the severe weather left behind. it must be devastating. >> reporter: it is in places. this place lived up to its reputation as tornado alley yesterday. there were five tornado warnings and five it produce storms. this was the biggest, it was caught on camera and it was quite impressive. one of the residents in this mobile home said he looked at the sky and it was just a big black wall coming toward him. but you can see this lunch in t
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shelter and the opener raffle ramirez got into that shelter as the storm swept over him. so he survived. there is it another house just to our left not lit up too well yet and it was swept off its foundation. it also had a storm shelter. but a 76-year-old gentleman who lived just about a half mile behind where we are was killed. his house just swept off of the foundation. he was found in the debris. there was another fatality, as well. but overall for the severity of the outbreak and how many tornadoes there were, most were in rural areas, so we see this spotty damage. about a mile and a half along the roadway here, the power poles were torn down, but only 4,000 customers this oklahoma were knocked out last night. there could be another round coming in on wednesday here. it's been a fairly quiet tornado season. but yesterday was a wake-up call for everybody on the great plains. back to you. >> ron blome, thank you. just about 16 after the hour and two women were badly hurt this what
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incident. officers were called to chase tree place in woodbridge last night where the incident turned physical. investigators have not said whether either woman is facing charges this morning. this incident happened about a half mile away there where prince william county police officer ashley guindon was shot and killed in february. begin do that oig was one of the officers remembered during a ceremony in prince william county last night. ♪ snoths the crowd paid tribute to 17 officers who died in the line ever duty over the past century. fellow officer david mckeown was with begin ton oig when she was shot and was wounded. >> i remember lay management front of yard after being shot, i had the terrible feeling of not being able to help ashley or jesse and needing help myself. >> this week tens of thousands will come to d.c. to honor officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. the mother of michael brown says she will never forget the day her son was killed by
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ferguson officer. leslie mcfadden recounts what happened in her autobiography which comes out today. her son's death sparked the black lives matter movement. the kansas city police department is mourning today following a detective's death. he was shot and kill after he pulled over a driver near the kansas speedway. the suspect fled and carjacked another vehicle before police were in a shoot-out with him. he was seriously injured and taken into custody. parents say their son's light up shoes started a fire in the back seat of their suv. take a look at this video. this is what is left of the pirate themed light-up sneakers. they belonged to a 2 1/2-year-old named warren. his parents believe that warren left the shoes in the back seat and the lithium battery inside of them started parents are tha was hurt.
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my son was wearing them or in the house. >> tifire marshal as not determined what started the fire. nbc 4 is looking at ways to get better sleep and this morning we're taking a look at good sleep habits or what doctors refer to as good sleep hygiene. last hour we told you the room needs to be cool and dark. that means no tv or computer giving or bright lights. doctors also say it's important for adults to have a set bed too many just like kids to. >> you need to determine a time for bed and a time to wake up. i usually when talking to my patients will start by determining what time you want to get up in the morning to stat yo stat your day and work backwards from that. >> so if i did the math, i'd go to bed at 6:30 in the evening which is impossible. >> tom kierein goes to bed same time whether
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>> that's why he looks as great as he does. >> and the rest of us -- >> i know, right? >> and also keep the bedroom for sleeping only that way when you speaker the room, your body know what is is going on and prepares you for sleep. >> chuck says we can sleep anywhere. i could lie down right here. coming up later, we will tell you what you should do at least 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime to help you sleep well. i think we're just a lost cause. >> aaron takes a shot of tequila before bed. >> whatever works, right? >> that's right. my guess is should you turn your electronic device off 30 minutes before you go to bed. >> i think probably an hour. >> or just put it down as soon as you get home. not a very pretty sight outside today. get your nbc washington app fired up and you can track the rain showers in and out during the course of the day. but it's not going to be a pretty one at all. unless you just really, really, really like clouddy cool weather because that's what we have stuck
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tomorrow and even though it won't be a lot of heavy rain, periods of off and on rain showers mean you will need the umbrella for sure. on the whole, low to moderate impact coming your way from the weather department today. most of the rain is in the front half of the day, but there could still be a few raindrops after lunchtime, as well. so umbrellas required pretty much 24/7. right now it's in the mid-50s in the shenandoah valley, 59 in arlington and annapolis, fredericksburg, stafford, quantico, those are the place has have the steadiest rain here early this morning. light rain out towards winchester, but these are moderate rain showers across most of st. mary's, southern charles county, come up into fredericksburg and then south along i-95 down to richmond. and there is plenty of rain back here across parts of central virginia, so it's all in general lifting in our correctidirectio. this area of storminess headed for the lower parts of the bay. as that goes along, it will take the heavier chances for ra
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southbound into southern maryland, but everyone will have at least a chance, so if you're headed outside this morning, temperatures not going to move much. we're in the mid to upper 50s now, we'll make to the low 60s. by 11:00, all clouds and a few passing showers. maybe a couple dry hours on the way home before more rain comes in during the evening hours tonight. "7-day forecast" time, and i wish i had a little bit more sunshine on there for you, about it's all clouds and rain chances for today and tomorrow, a lot of clouds thursday. warmer on friday. that does come with a risk of a thunderstorm friday afternoon and evening. i think the next good chance of sunshine is coming up on sunday. breaking news continues now this first 4 traffic. a couple different problems causing big backups. chopper 4, part of the shoulder getting by the crash at 29. do not yet have a touc
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and you can see big backups about a mile and a half so far. very slow 29 south. might want to consider an alternate. 270 south before 80, a crash in the left lane has cleared out of the way. still have some delays, but it's not as bad as it was. southbound 95 between 175 and 32, crash in the left lane. veirs mill road, at 28, that crash now cleared. putting you in danger on the roads. why a new report released overnight says marijuana use is dangerous while driving. plus a consumer alert for you involving a growing recall this morning. the item in your freezer you need to double check because of concerns a bo
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drug impaired driving deaths doubled during the year marijuana use was legalized. there were ten fatalities in 2014 compared to just five the year before the law went
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aaa is calling for more enforcement of drug impaired driving in places where pot use has become legal. aaa does say that it is difficult to set limits for driving under the influence of marijuana. so far there is no specific blood test to show when a driver is impaired. also high it thc levels could drop by the time a test is done on suspected impaired driver. tom costello will have administer are on what police can do coming up on the "today" show. we say it all the time using your phone inside the car can be deadly. well, today you can use virtual reality technology to see just how dangerous distracted driving can be on the roads. at&t is launching the spanish language version of its "i can wait" campaign. recent research shows that has pan tick hispanics are more prone to using their smartphones behind the wheel. 83% a
6:27 am
of 71%. as part of the campaign, drivers can try out virtual really i goggles that can show you what happens when you pick up your phone. >> it will show you in real time what an accident would look like if you texted or if you took a picture. and the outcome that could happen, which could lead up to death. >> you can use at&t's virtual reality distracted driving goggles today at 11:00. and enwhen you're stopped, they say if you're looking at your phone trying to take selfies, still causes a distraction. >> very true. fears of listeria behind a flowing recall. where the frozen vegetables were sold. and sunshine remains on spring vacation for another week. rain chances are across parts of southern maryland already and everyone will have a chance of getting rapin rain
6:28 am
more day. but first, targeting the wheels on your car. where police have seen a spike in rim thefts and whether your car is one that thieves are loing for. ok ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you.
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you're waking up to a day with more rain. radar showing the latest wave of showers to push its way into our area and through our area. we have seen so much rain lately, we're actually looking at records. talking about a record here. >> everyone rolling stones are starting to gather moss. that's how bad it's gotten around here. unfortunately more rain chances for today and tomorrow and really it will probably be sunday before we have a pure day filled with sunshine across here. so 4 things you need to know, yes indeed, that's a record. 14 days in a row now with rainfall. longest stretch we've had in many, many years. before national airport, 1935 is the all-time record for rainy days in washington. that record stands at 17. but that is before there was such a thing as national airport. none the less, clouds raindrops, temperatures 50s now, we'll be in the 60s a little later on. comin
6:32 am
what part of the day is likely to be the rainiest. breaking news continues this morning, take a look here chopper 4 still over the problem 29 south at tech road. so right now all we have getting by sort of on the shoulder and then the right lane past the problem. and you can see how pad these backups are. we stretch back for over a mile already. you want to probably consider your favorite alternate there from this area if you typically have to hit 29. 270 south before 80, the crash is cleared. still delays through the area. could just be pretty typical delays, but again the green showing rain all over the area there on the radar. so it will be wet there. southbound 95 before 32, crash on the shoulder and a 2 mile backup there, as well. as we take big look, overall beltway actually looking pretty good. it is now 6:33. if you drive a gmc or chevrol
6:33 am
close attention if you park in fairfax county. police think someone has been snatching shire tires and rims off of those cars and trucks. kristin wright is live in fairfax county now with more on the suspects investigators are looking for. >> reporter: so they say the thief or thieves really have a specific type much rim that they have been looking for. and they do go for a lot of money. these thieves have been very busy. they have hit ten locations in herndon, chantilly, fairfax and vienna. they like gmc suvs and trucks and corvettes. they have gotten the rims and tires off of 11 vehicles so far. the cars are usually parked in driveways or on the street. now, police do think they know the vehicle that this thief or thieves are driving around in. it's a silver newer model forth explorer. this picture taken from one of the scenes around a one of the
6:34 am
overnight hours, middle of the night between like 2:00 and 4:30 in the morning. so police are telling us if you have one of these vehicles that fees guys want, make sure you park in a well-lit area. back to you. he calls himself the nova creeper. now he's facing child porning on glaef grief charges. ken cities say matthew bishop run as twitter page filled with images of up suspecting women. and he shared images of child porn using the kik app. >> annual to see exactly what he was doing on his account and see the pornography that he was doing. >> the giant grocery store at the greenbriar shopping center was one of the his favorite stalking grounds apparently. bishop turned himself in yesterday. he faces ten counts of possession of chi
6:35 am
a week after a waldorf man was found shot to death in plandy wipla brandywine, three men are in jail facing first-degree murder. the shooting stems from a marijuana-related robbery. a former guatemalan soldier is covering-ar inrecovering aft shot in the face. d.c. police say a gunman tried to rob the man who was working on a construction site. they say he was shot after he tried to disarm a robber who approached him. the man's brothers also working on the site intervened, police say the men sat on the robber until police arrived. and a consumer watch to tell you about this morning. more frozen foods are being added to the huge fda recall. it has expanded the list of frozen fruits and vegetables because of listeria concerns. products sold at safe way, trader joe's and harris teeter are all affected. it
6:36 am
strasburg signed a new 7 year contract extension with the nationals. it should become official today. he pitched last night and received a standing ovation when he was done. his new deal reportedly worth $175 million, about $25 million a year. >> we just went into the wrong profession. >> should have been a baseball player. >> could have, would have, should have. it's the hardest thing to do by the way. well, it is being called a shakeup that will rock metro. the actions that could trigger big changes. and a gloomy start to your day. what you need to know to get your kids ready for the school day. plus breaking news right now in germany after a rampage leaves at least one person dead and several others hurt at a busy train station. what police are revealing about the attacker whstabbed th
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north carolina's controversial bathroom law is headed for a court battle. the law restricts transgender use of public restrooms. the justice department argues the measure discriminates and violates federal protections. the feds are also threatening to take away billions in federal aid for the state. north carolina's governor is asking a federal court to clarify the law. good morning. i'm tom kierein here in northwest washington up a der a clo cloudy sky. moderate downpours areas you see in the orange and yellow. that is in charles county, st. mary's and the northern neck of virginia. that will stay well to our south. but some other lighter showers now to our west and north moving in the next couple of hours. school day forecast, have your umbrella handy. we'll be in the
6:41 am
by recess time, looks like indoor recess today, by dismissal, showers around and mid-60s. still have a problem 29 southbound at tech road, chopper 4 over the creep. you can see only thing getting by is the right side of the roadway. have about a two mile backup there. same thing southbound on 95, before 32, crash on the left shoulder causing delays there. looking at travel time, 66 inbound looking typical. 95 north quantico to the beltway, you're on time there. 270 southbound germantown to the spur on time. and top of the beltway a little slow the 95 over to 270. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your this morning for the latest on that problem on 29. dramatic new video out of oklahoma after a series of powerful tornados like this one touched down. . the damage we're seeing on the ground there this morning.
6:42 am
accused of attacking a number of rail passengers in germany. what police believe is the motivation behind this attack. >> reporter: what orange line passengers have to say about a metro shakeup in the works. that story coming up
6:43 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different.
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situation this morning after sights like this across the plains. powerful tornadoes tearing through communities are being blamed for at least two deaths. >> it's one of the story we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> and plenty of gray skies and rain chances. temperatures in the 50s now, 60s a little later. coming up, a 7 day forecast with at the least one sunny day on it. and a couple problems right now. first one 29 south at tech road, only getting by to the right side of the roadway. have more than a mile worth of backups right now. also a problem 95 in maryland. details on both coming up. 15 before the hour. and passenger organizational changes could be coming to metro. today all of metro's managers are being brought together to focus on safety. molette green is getting reaction from riders at the new carrollton metro son
6:46 am
morning. >> reporter: gcwe're at one of e busiest times in the morning rush. whatever it takes to stop the fire and smoke incidents, that is what some of the frustrated metro be metro passengers just told me. riders here at new carrollton welcome today's unprecedented meeting of metro managers. 650 of them this one setting to get a drill down on safety. all of this in preparation for massive maintenance and track work in some of the most critical areas of the system. passengers say the system has to get better or else. do you plan to avoid metro in the future if this doesn't get better. >> >> probably. probably look at taking a commuter bus or car pooling or something. >> reporter: now, that meeting of metro managers in the hours ahead, coming in the hours ahead, we'll keep you posted with updates inside our app. and thenf
6:47 am
on news 4. i'm knmolette green, news 4. right now lightning, hail and deadly tornadoes left behind a lot to deal with and there is a chance for even more severe weather today. gabe guttierez is live in wynnewood, oklahoma where multiple tornadoes slammed the state. >> reporter: yes, multiple tornadoes, at least a half dozen hammering oklahoma late last evening. this home ripped from its foundation really obliterated. and today residents will be picking up the pieces. now, some incredible video also coming out of wynnewood, oklahoma. this is storm chaser video caught up close of this massive tornado reported to be nearly a mile wide chewing true everything in its path. at least two people were killed in oklahoma, including a man in his 70s. now, thankfully
6:48 am
might be drier today allowing some of these residents to pick up the pieces. but some of them are preparing for a potential for even more severe weather tomorrow. really a devastating morning here in oklahoma. at least 19 reported tornadoes throughout the country last night. back to you. >> incredible video to watch. gabe guttierez will have a full report coming up on the "today" show. this morning the families of those killed in the hear land shopping center shootings are sharing memories of their loved ones. malcolm winffel died after trying to help the woman shot at the westfield montgomery mall in bethesda. his wife said she always knew he was a hero. >> he was the most selfless person you've ever met. he was awesome in every way. he was my better half. >> co-workers of claudina molina described her as a woman from
6:49 am
bolivia who achieved the american dream. she died in the parking lot of the giant store in aspen hill. gladys tordil the estranged wife of the shooter was shot outside high point high school. her co-workers called her a happy chemistry teacher. 11 before the hour. we have a new poll ahead of decision day for voters in two states. nebraska holding its gop primary and west virginia l. hold contests for both republicans and democratic hopefuls. joining us live, marg murdk mur here. new poll out this morning, bernie sanders has a leg up here. >> he does have a leg up when it comes to general match-ups against donald trump. our poll with hillary clinton a five point general election lead over donald trump. but bernie sanders is actually in double digits. and this is something a that we've seen throughout the contest so far. bernie sanders does better, one of the reason the sc
6:50 am
the level of scrutiny that hillary clinton or donald trump have had. but overall in the democratic contest, hillary clinton has a 12 point lead over bernie sanders, but we know this primary season is starting to come to a close. >> on the donald trump side, he's already putting together a transition team ahead of some big meetings this week. >> and this move on the transition team is actually trying to mask some of the divisions that have already happened. paul ryan saying i'm not ready to endorse trump, mitt romney saying they won't be endorsing. so donald trump is trying to tell other people if you aren't on my train, this train is now leaving the station. >> we'll see what more is to come. mark murray from nbc news political unit. thank you, mark. maryland has one of the most far reaching laws on birth control in the entire nation and today we could learn more about it. representative chris van hollen is expected to
6:51 am
contraceptive equity act later this morning. it forces insurance companies to offer over the counter birth control at no cost and also forbids out of pocket costs for men who choose to have vasectomies. the law is not set to go into effect until january of 2018. there is nothing else to think about right now if you're a caps fan and a player, too. saying alive in tonight's playoff is crucial. both teams getting defense men back after the big hit in game two. brooks orpik slammed olli maatta. and they should both be on the sis. >> see who gets head first. >> we want game seven back lehe at home and move on. >> she takes the high road every time. >> she sure does. hockey weather continues around here. cloudy and cool and looking and
6:52 am
temperatures staying way below average once again. average high right now almost 75 degrees and we will be stuck in the low to mid-60s for a much of the day. so cloudy and cool. it won't be a complete washout start to finish, but there will be periods of rain this morning and again chances for showers later on today. so it wouldn't be a total washout. the bulk of the rain that we will get will be before lunchtime, but there will still be shower after lunch possible. so most of the rain here early this morning and tomorrow occasional periods of light rain. not looking for a ton of rain, but just enough to keep the sunshine blocked out. we're in the hid to upper 50s across the area right now. heaviest of the rain is still across southern maryland, northern neck and down towards fredericksburg. a little more looight rain up towards winchester. this next system out here across kentucky is part of tomorrow's rain chance. so the rain chances will remain quite high
6:53 am
here is future weather carrying the showers off and on through the morning. drying up a little bit around lunchtime. before another chance for showers comes in later this evening. so if you're planning your day out, temperatures here in the 50s early this morning. rising into the 60s this afternoon. if you're headed down to the l baseball game tonight, they should get it in. but couldn't rule out a rain delay. here is your 7 day forecast. only day that most anyone cares about will be sunday, the next full sunshine dry day coming our way. everywhere between now and then is socked in with the clouds. >> finally a little bit of sun on in a situation there. chopper 4 right now over 29 southbound at tech road, take a look here. we are finally getting it look like a lane and a half, maybe two lanes by this problem. have about a mile and a half worth of backups there. slow southbound 95 before 32, that crash on the shoulder,
6:54 am
just cleared. top of the beltway look pretty typical. inner loop major problems. 66 and 95 looking good. you can see the rain on the radar here this morning. nine miles per hour in-wound bo indian head highway. 270 at montrose, not bad heading southbound. here at the live desk, new information on the deadly attack at a train station in germany, as we take a look at the crime scene. investigators saying the 27-year-old could possibly have an islamic background and this could be politically motivated. but there is no concrete evidence the guy is linked to any error grouterror group. the man is in custody. he stabbed four, killing one. a news conference will happen shortly. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. right now wildfires are growing in
6:55 am
alber alberta's premiere says tens of thousands should be able to go home in a few weeks. they say the large part of the city of ft. mcmurray about 15% of it was destroyed. he had war ward nero is expected to go on trial tomorrow in the death of freddie gray. he was one of the first baltimore police officers to arrest gray last year. investigators say gray died from injuries he sustained after officers put him in the back of a police van. the hearing today will determine what information and evidence can be presented in officer they're rner nero's trial. and we're looking at good sleep habits. >> so far this morning we told you about where and when to sleep and what you can do before bedtime and how it can also affect how well you sleep. >> about 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the termed bedtime, which means
6:56 am
that means the television goes off, and you assume some towndo activity, activities that signal your body it's time to go down. both, shower, light snack, no caffeine please, some reading, nothing terribly exciting. >> nothing too exciting. >> what does that say about who am i going to pick up to read now? that's ipd of insulting. >> motor trend. >> and what would constitute a light snack? i guess not chocolate chip cookies. >> no, that would not be a slight snack. >> we'll foe inside a sleep lab where doctors are studying sleep apnea. >> and we'll tell you about the sleep disorder right here on "news 4 today." here are 4 things to know before you head out the door. a big contract for national pitcher steven sfrausbu burv
6:57 am
will become official today. a new poll out this morning gives bust an edge in west virginia and depends donald trump. all managers being called to a safety meeting today. major organizational changes could be coming. and cleaning up from severe storms across several states. two people died in oklahoma. even more weather like this could hit the south and midwest today. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks forric with aing up with . >> the "today" show is next. ♪ stand by me
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good morning. breaking overnight. an up close look at massive tornadoes as they rip through oklahoma. >> hold still. >> at least 19 twisters reported across that region. some neighborhoods, entirely wiped out. this morning, the devastation left behind. not taking the bait. >> i'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. >> hillary clinton refusing to engage donald trump after he, once again, brings up her husband's past infidelities. marco rubio wants no part of being on the trump ticket. censored by facebook?


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